Apple Watch Games

Invading Horde

An Invading Horde has been spotted to the west of the Kingdom. The King has selected a lucky random subject to defend the Realm.

You take on the role of the unfortunate farmer tasked with this great undertaking.

Retro Twist

RETRO TWIST is a new take on some classic games. It mashes up game mechanics of your favourite games to create something new. You can play on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Block Run World

Feel like going for a run? Help the voxel guy avoid road blocks, cars, animals and falling in the water. Explore a gorgeous 3D voxel world. Collect coins to unlock more characters.

Block Run World is designed to play on the Apple Watch and iPhone


In the future interstellar wormholes are used to travel between galaxies, they are commonly know as Spaceholes.

Tube Twister

Guide your runner down an endless tube. Twist the tube to avoid the holes and spikes. Collect the yellow power orbs, the more orbs you collect the longer you can speed boost. Tap your player to activate your speed boost. Hit the red jumps while boosting to get your bonus score.

Z Room

Z Room is a 3D Zombie shooter game, designed to play on your Watch or Phone.